artist statement

As an assemblage artist, I enjoy fitting objects together in funky, absurdist, and symbolic ways.  Since returning to Philadelphia, I am happy to be part of the Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia.

My two-dimensional mixed media work has grown in recent years, adding clay monoprinting,which is a unique combination of printmaking together with the tactility of clay.  This results in two-dimensional work with greater depth, and feeling of three-dimensionality.  It was developed by Mitch Lyons, who I was fortunate enough to study with in the last years of his life.

I am inspired by the Feminist Art Movement, especially its emphasis on art as a means for creation of community and as a voice for social change. I have always been influenced by ‘outsider’ artists, Dada, and third world people who make art from the trash heap of civilization. I am especially inspired by the anonymous artists from every culture of the world, over the centuries, who made art from the depths of their souls, moved by awe and wonder at life itself and its mysteries.